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Congratulations for choosing to Join the DXN Self Rolling Program.

You are registering for your
180PV Self Rolling Membership Pack- Price A$364 / NZ$ 442
( sent immediately with FREE freight )


180PV Product Box - Monthly Changeable Autoship Order - Price A$343 / NZ$ 418
( starts 25th following month with FREE freight )
You can change the product mix - freight may apply.

Products in the 180PV Self Rolling Membership Pack:
Black Folder containing Info Plus Promotional Brochures
Toothpaste with Ganoderma (150grams)
Coffee 3 in 1 with Ganoderma
Organic Black Coffee with Ganoderma
Zhi Mocha x 2 boxes
Reishi Gano Tea (Organic Black Tea)
Reishi Gano 2 x 30's
Ganocelium 2 x 30's
Body Foam with Ganoderma
Shampoo with Ganoderma
Soap with Ganoderma (pack of 2)
Massage Oil with Ganoderma
Aloe Vera Nutricare (Face) Cream (30ml)
Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion (250ml)
Mini Pack Toothpaste (6x40g tubes)
Morinzhi (Noni) Juice
Roselle Concentrate Drink (Vit C)
Vinaigrette (700ml)
Spirulina 120's
Roselle tabs x 120 (Vit C)
Mint Throat Lozenges ( Zhi Mint Plus) x 12 packs of 25

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You will not be able to change the Sponsor after Registration. Make sure you enter the correct sponsor before pressing the CONFIRM button. If the Sponsor Code is an OVERSEAS member, please email before registering.


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